Having health insurance cover can provide some peace of mind that you can get the medical treatment you need, when you need it.


Health insurance, like most forms of insurance, is a service you pay for but hope you will never need. It's there for the unpredictable, unexpected and fundamentally uncontrollable problems that come up in peoples' lives.

While New Zealand does have a good public health system, it is frequently subject to overloading, which can mean waiting lists and delays in getting important procedures done.


Private health insurance can help if you need to see a specialist, require non-acute surgery or a diagnostic procedure (such as an MRI), where you might have to otherwise wait longer if relying on the public health system.

Unfortunately, illness can strike at any time. Having adequate health cover in place can help you get medical attention when it's needed and will lessen the impact on your career and lifestyle.

We can provide options from New Zealand's three leading providers -

Southern Cross, nib and Sovereign.

There are a range of affordable health insurance options available. Talk to us today about how we can help tailor a health insurance solution for you.