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Nicole Middleton

Financial Adviser

What really makes me different is that for the past decade, I have been in “people first” roles - Most recently, I have been in the business of human potential. I've been a professional cheerleader for adults, except, instead of pom-poms, I helped people develop the mindset, skills, and confidence needed to take control of their lives, face their fears & make positive changes in their lives - You see, I genuinely want to help people live their best life…


But during my coaching, I picked up on a recurring pattern: Uncertainty around my clients' financial future was affecting their mental & emotional states, so I did a career pivot and got qualified as a financial advisor to help people face their financial fears. (Fears I have experienced myself) 


I am dedicated to helping you build confidence in your financial future, focusing on your financial wellness as a whole. I believe that transforming your life starts with having a solid financial foundation. 


I'm here to advise you & occasionally even challenge you to build the life you want, starting with protecting what you have already built. 

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