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Wanda Wright

Financial Adviser

My husband has been the “Insurance Specialist” in our family for decades. 

I have been his assistant through the years sometimes part time (in between other roles) but recently in a greater capacity. As my husband’s health has deteriorated since 2021 I have taken over running of the day-to-day operations and now as the Financial Adviser.


We have always been passionate about protecting ourselves and our clients against these exact things. I have experienced the grief and shock first-hand, as well as the struggles and stress this type of situation has on relationships, emotions, finances, future plans and quality of life.


Becoming a Financial Adviser, myself, now gives me the opportunity to speak to the importance of insurance (Life, Living, Health and Disability), how to best implement it (value for money and customised plans). Having lived through the hospital visits, health care consultants, and follow-up services, I’ve seen it all!  It is my passion and privilege to now help anybody I am in contact with.


How? By helping them protect their number one asset:  their health, together with their ability to earn an income; and to help safeguard them against the unpredictability of life.

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