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Dharam Devkota

Financial Adviser

It looks like my name may be difficult to pronounce but it is similar sounding to “Durham” like the song "Durham Town" by Roger Whittaker.

I have gained experience in many countries and in various sectors such as retail, tourism and hospitality. My ability to speak multiple languages has helped me be able to connect with people, from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, to understand their needs and provide practical solutions.

Making the decision to venture into the insurance sector has been an exciting one that allows me to advocate on behalf of clients and help them understand the significance of insurance protection in our daily lives.

I have a solid educational foundation in Financial Advice and personnel management and have developed a keen understanding of assessing peoples risks and helping formulate an insurance package that meet the needs of my clients.

During my free time, I enjoy exploring the adventurous opportunities that New Zealand has to offer with my young family and attending various events in or around the city.

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