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Insurance is one of those things that you hope you never have to use but are grateful you have when the need arises.


Having adequate insurance cover can provide peace of mind and financial security for you and your family during a time of uncertainty and stress.

Protect Financial Services Limited can help tailor an insurance package for you that ensures you have the protection in place that you need at an affordable cost. Talk to us today about how we can help.

Health Insurance

Having health insurance cover can provide some peace of mind that you can get the medical treatment you need, when you need it.


Health insurance, like most forms of insurance, is a service you pay for but hope you will never need. It's there for the unpredictable, unexpected and fundamentally uncontrollable problems that come up in peoples' lives.​ While New Zealand does have a good public health system, it is frequently subject to overloading, which can mean waiting lists and delays in getting important procedures done.


Private health insurance can help if you need to see a specialist, require non-acute surgery or a diagnostic procedure (such as an MRI), where you might have to otherwise wait longer if relying on the public health system. Unfortunately, illness can strike at any time. Having adequate health cover in place can help you get medical attention when it's needed and will lessen the impact on your career and lifestyle.​​

We can provide options from NZ’s Leading providers.​ There are a range of affordable health insurance options available. Talk to us today about how we can help tailor a health insurance solution for you.


Life Insurance

If you have a family, other dependents or significant debt then you should consider getting some life insurance. One way to think about the need for life insurance is to ask yourself, if you were to die early, what would be the financial impact on your loved ones? Life insurance provides you and your family with financial certainty and support in a time of need. Life insurance cover typically means you will receive a one-off payment on your death or if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill, which can help your family continue to live the life you've planned together.​​​

This can provide some peace of mind, knowing that:​

  • your dependents can focus on living life without worrying about finances

  • typically, your family can get quick access to immediate funds to cover funeral costs

  • they can stay in the family home - pay the mortgage or cover the rent

  • children are provided for and can make future education plans, such as going to university

  • the financial burden of on-going day-to-day living expenses is taken care of

Ask us about our level premium options so you have peace of mind about affordability!​ If you would like to get some insurance advice simply contact us. With our help you can decide what amount of cover is right for you.

Income Protection Insurance

Your ability to earn an income is your most important asset.

The financial consequences of a disability or extended illness could be devastating for your lifestyle and those that depend on you. Recovering from an illness or accident is also difficult enough without the extra stress of financial worries.

Income Protection insurance replaces your income if you can't work due to sickness or injury. It's important because your income is what allows you to live your life today - and make plans for tomorrow.

Income Protection pays you a monthly benefit, just like your salary, and generally covers up to 75% of your pre-tax salary. If you are self-employed, we an also tailor your income covers around ACC Cover Plus Extra.​

If you would like to get some insurance advice simply contact us. With our help you can decide what amount of cover is right for you.

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Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance pays you a one-off lump sum amount if you have a serious medical condition like cancer, heart attack or stroke.

You could use the benefit to:

  • pay for private medical costs

  • make lifestyle changes so you can focus on recovery

  • take some time off work or take a stress-free family holiday

The diagnosis of a trauma condition is devastating in any circumstances but the burden will be far greater if your financial security is also put at risk. Trauma insurance takes the pressure off, so you can spend your time focusing on recovering, not worrying about your finances.

We have a range of affordable options and can tailor a plan to suit most needs any budget.

If you would like to get some insurance advice simply contact us.

We can help you tailor the amount and type of trauma cover that suits your needs and budget.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance

While for most people the early death of an income earner would cause serious financial strain for those left behind, the financial impact would be just as serious if that income earner became totally and permanently disabled and unable to work for the rest of their life. ​

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance provides a one-off payment that can help you modify your lifestyle and provide you with choices, if you're left permanently without the ability to work.​

If you would like to get some insurance advice simply contact us. With our help you can decide what amount of cover is right for you.


Fire and General Insurance

If you own a motor vehicle or other assets that are valuable to you, chances are you’ll be familiar with these important types of insurance, which provide cover in the event that your property is stolen or damaged by fire or weather. And if you own your own home or have your own business, the need for this sort of cover becomes even more important as the risk of loss becomes so much greater if anything was to happen. Protect Financial Services has arrangements with a select number of fire and general insurance brokers who can provide expert advice on the best options for your particular needs (please refer to our disclosure statement for conflict of interest details). If you would like to get some advice about these important insurance covers simply contact us. We’ll get an expert to be in touch with you as soon as possible.


We believe that your employees are an important part of making your business great! Looking after your employees will ensure that they in turn work hard to make your business a success.​

We can tailor a plan for you and your employees to minimise disruption to your business. 

Talk to us about:​

  • simple life insurance plans for your staff

  • making sure that during a major health trauma, you can help with a lump sum payment

  • providing easier access to health insurance benefits

  • advice on KiwiSaver​

You might be surprised at how easy and inexpensive such benefits can be! If you would like to chat about insurance benefits for your staff, simply contact us.​ With our help, you can decide what amount of cover is right for your business.

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