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Louis Khoo

Senior Financial Adviser

I’m a Waikato boy – born and bred. 

From owning my own business, to giving advice in domestic fire and general insurance, servicing commercial risks as a broker, and writing mortgages and business lending,  I truly have a passion for financial services…. What drives me, is making sure that we put people and families first.  Ensuring that you have a back up plan that’s right – first time, every time.


I’ve been through a difficult family crises, and business scenarios where I’ve seen first-hand how important a great insurance plan is for a family during that time. Being at the other side of the barrel gives you an understanding like no other - that’s why I'm dedicated to crafting simple, understandable plans of protection that meet the unique individual needs of your family, and your business.


I will understand what you need - to protect your family and business, and to prioritize your peace of mind!

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